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The Key to Value

By Dennis Johnson - Sort Sol Group, LLC

We’re in the office for some of the last days of the year and at this time, we’re working on plans for the New Year. Like our clients, we’re talking strategy, too.

Creating a Donor-Centric Culture

By Kate Atkins - Wipfli, LLP

The people you serve in your communities depend on you to be there.  Having a strong donor-relation strategy improves the sustainability of your organization. How do you get everyone in your agency involved?  How do you create an organizational culture that is obsessed with its donors?  Get started with two steps.

Form 990 Issues

By Kirsten Houghton - SVA Certified Public Accountants

The revised Form 990 continues to confuse and perplex both nonprofit organizations and tax preparers.  To address this issue, the IRS Advisory Committee on Tax Exempt and Governmental Entities (the ACT) recently issued a General Report...

Lessons I Have Learned

By Marcia Whittington - Agrace HospiceCare
2015 Outstanding Fundraising Professional Award Winner

When I reflect on the last 20 years of development and fundraising work in our community, a few things stand out to me as lessons I have learned and continue to live by. 

Building a Statewide Culture of Philanthropy

By Stacey Wedding, Founder & Chief Strategist Professionals in Philanthropy

Resources—people, money, and knowledge—are essential ingredients of increasing and improving philanthropy. Our organizations, communities and states have all of these resources, yet, still, some states fare better than others in building a culture of philanthropy. Why is that, what can we learn from those states, and how do we begin moving the dial where we live?

Thanks, and Stay in Touch

By Tom Linfield - Madison Community Foundation

One of the nicest grantee thank-you’s received by the Madison Community Foundation was an envelope full of hand-drawn, hand-written letters from a group of middle school kids in a tutoring program we’d funded. They were colorful, delightful, and completely genuine.