A Year in Review: 2020



“Like No Other”


We kicked off 2020 just like any other year. We were hosting monthly educational programs to ensure you had the opportunity to further your professional development. Quarterly roundtables gave everyone a chance to come together and talk through the big questions that face us. Then, March showed up stomping all over our plans and bringing a reality that we weren’t quite ready to face.

As the chapter board and committees evaluated their next steps, we could hear that support was going to be essential for our local fundraisers. The need for fundraising wasn’t stopping and even our long-time professionals were experiencing new situations. In May, the first virtual programs began and we shifted right through the rest of the year.

One of the chapter’s core values is networking. The opportunity to bring people together to forge new relationships in a sometimes solo role as a fundraiser is essential to our work. While 2020 hasn’t afforded us the same opportunities that we are used to, you all came together and engaged in this virtual environment. One of the positives of virtual events is the ability to be part of the conversation even after it happened.

You can check out the 2020 program recordings and materials through these links:

We will be kicking off 2021 in a virtual format as well. Keep an eye on the website, Facebook, and LinkedIn as we continue to announce upcoming programs. If you need support from us or have an idea for a program, please reach out to us at admin@afpmadison.org.



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