Membership FAQs

Do you have questions about AFP membership? You might find the answer below. If you need additional assistance please contact the Member/Chapter Services Department at AFP Global at 1.800.666.3863 or

You can also send AFP Greater Madison a message directly for questions about our local chapter. Our membership team is here to help!

It depends on the type of membership that you selected when you joined. If you are a Professional, Young Professional, Global eMember, Collegiate or Associate member, the membership is yours and goes with you if leave an organization.

The Nonprofit Organizational Membership for both large and small organizations, and the Executive Circle Business Member or Endorser Business Member belongs to the organization or company. If an employee leaves, the organization may replace the name of the designated member. New members still need to fill out a membership application and sign their adherence to the AFP Code of Ethical Principles and Standards.

You will receive a letter before your membership expires. To renew, please send payment to AFP International or renew online. Please do not send payment to the chapter office; chapter dues should be sent with international dues to AFP International.

When you pay your membership dues, you will receive the member rate at events hosted by any chapter. To receive the member rate, make sure to provide your member number when you register.

If you are in one of the individual membership categories the membership goes with you if you change jobs. If you have an organizational membership, it stays with the organization.

When a member joins AFP, you join both the international organization and a local chapter (exceptions exist if a chapter is not located close to the member). Thus, a member pays annual dues to both AFP International and a local chapter.

Your membership dues depend on the type of membership you choose. Members must self-assess to determine the type of membership for which they are eligible. Prospective members should self-determine the category of membership, and renewing members should review and reassess membership categories. If you are not sure, contact a membership representative through one of the options at the top of this page.

Chapter dues are $45 for AFP Greater Madison. Chapter dues vary from $25 to $125, depending on the chapter.

The AFP International website can help you find any every chapter around the world. You can also contact AFP International for assistance at 1.800.666.3863.

Your membership lasts 12 months, starting in the month you officially become a member.

There are hundreds of reasons to become an AFP Member. Take a closer look and you'll find plenty of information on why you should join and what you'll receive with your membership. If you find you still have questions, contact us.