Embracing the Youth

The Young Professionals committee is no more! That’s not a bad thing and it is completely by design. What started out seven years ago by Sarah Linn, our current AFP Greater Madison president, has evolved into something more in an effort to increase the young professional presence across all levels of the chapter.

“I’ve been impressed with the support network built up within the YP Committee and the relationships that have grown over these last few years. We now have eight or nine board members that used to be part of the YP Committee. Thanks to the opportunities it has created, we are now excited for that same energy and enthusiasm across our organization and at the highest level.”


Ash Collins is a three-year member and final co-chair of the YP Committee and now serves on the board as Membership and Engagement chair. She echoed Sarah’s same thoughts.

“With the new board structure, our goal was to put added emphasis on DEI and YP across all committees. We are making it happen. It’s important to retain those younger members in the development field and grow the organization together. We want all to be involved from top to bottom and now I’m excited to see where it goes from here!”


Don’t just take their word for it, hear it from three of the newest Young Professional committee members turned first-time AFP Greater Madison board members:


Lily Mize, Mentorship Officer (Professional Development Committee) on AFP Board | Grant and Project Specialist at Access Community Health Centers

On buddies and the board

“Yes! Most of my AFP buddies and contacts were also on the AFP YP committee and it was through those relationships that I was even considered to serve on the board.”

On YP Representing!

“I think it is vitally important to continue to have an equal representation from YPs on our board. I don’t think that it is a secret that AFP naturally attracts a more experienced group, so to maintain age diversity and gain new AFP members it is important to intentionally engage with the YP community.”


Jamie Gurgul, Scholarship Chair on AFP Board | Annual Giving Specialist at Agrace Foundation

On being a newbie

“When I initially joined the AFP YP committee, I was brand new to both the Madison-area and my nonprofit career. As a new graduate, it was incredibly helpful to have peers in the industry that I could connect with regularly. The YP committee gave me a great glimpse into other local nonprofits and the AFP chapter as a whole.”

On fresh ideas
“I think it’s fantastic to have a wide variety of representation on the board to offer new perspectives, opinions, and ideas. I hope that having a large YP representation will assist us in recruiting new professionals in our community to keep our chapter growing strong.”


Max Nguyen, Communications Chair on AFP Board | Communications Manager at St. Vincent de Paul Madison

On opportunities!
“We’re in the building relationships business! That’s exactly what many of us did in the YP committee. This will be refreshing for everyone and a chance to do something special together.”

On two-way streets

“Listening is invaluable in the development field. I’m excited for AFP Greater Madison’s commitment to listening to all ideas and perspectives and making it a priority. Teamwork makes the dream work :).”

Sarah Linn



Ash Collins



Lily Mize



Jamie Gurgul



Max Nguyen