Peer Discussion: Advice From Colleagues (Virtual)

About the Event

For so many of us, we are a shop of one or at least the only person on our team who does our job. Hearing a different perspective on how they would handle a situation can be a huge lift up. Bring your questions, concerns, projects to this month's roundtable and we'll talk through them. The end of the year is coming up, want to pitch a new appeal idea to the group and get advice? The group will advise! Hosting a hybrid event again but just need to hear what others have done? Ask away! Your boss and board are challenging you lately and you need some support. We are here for you!

Registration is required for this event. A fee of $5 is being charged for events to help offset the ongoing costs of managing our mission. If for any reason the expense is a barrier to you, please use the Complimentary registration. This roundtable will be held virtually. An in-person version of the event is being held later on this same day.

Event Details

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