Love it, Leave it, or Fixer Upper

About the Event

Our fundraising events have an important role in raising needed funds, engaging donors, and introducing new people to our organizations.  But, do we always know the best time to embrace our events, make changes to our events, or scrap them altogether?  Come prepared to play the game "Love It, Leave It, or Fixer Upper" and WIN PRIZES!  We will use real event examples and our collective expertise to share feedback and experiences with some of our most challenging fundraising events.  

Our Chapter Annual Meeting will be part of the program.  This luncheon is FREE to members. Below, you will find all of the essential links and documents for the membership meeting.




Event Details

Nakoma Golf Club
4145 Country Club Road, Madison, Wisconsin 53711
AFP Greater Madison
608.224.9092 |

Nakoma Golf Club

Nakoma Golf Club

4145 Country Club Road
Madison, WI 53711
United States