Educational Series Program: Fundraising Consultants: How? When? Why?

About the Event

Leveraging the expertise of a fundraising consultant can build your nonprofit’s capacity to advance your mission. But how do you know if your organization is ready to hire a consultant? How can you ensure the best fit for your nonprofit and the outside professional? What types of projects or campaigns are best suited for a consultant role?

We’ll focus on these and other questions when Steve Goldberg facilitates a conversation featuring first-person experiences and recommendations. Panelists include Judy Keel, Director of Grants and Project Management at Access Community Health Centers, and Sharyl Kato, Executive Director of The Rainbow Project.

We welcome your questions and advice as well!

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Nakoma Golf Club
4145 Country Club Road, Madison, Wisconsin 53711
AFP Greater Madison
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Nakoma Golf Club

Nakoma Golf Club

4145 Country Club Road
Madison, WI 53711
United States