December Chapter Luncheon | Listening to Connect…How to use improv and humor to engage with donors

About the Event

Learn how to use improvisation skills to connect, communicate, and truly listen to donors. Improv skills allow us to be in the present moment, to practice reflective listening, and allow us to make true connections with others. When we’re listening to each other, we are tuned into each others’ wants, needs, and abilities. Join the fun and learn the skills and tools that can be applied to your conversations with potential contributors along with your team members and colleagues.
  • Learn the fundamental rules of improv and apply them to any business interaction.
  • Apply reflective listening (also known as “Yes, and”) to eliminate any assumptions.
  • Acquire the art of being in the moment through improv skills.
  • Manage the unexpected in a professional, confident, and helpful manner.


Special Guest Speaker
Julie Ostrow

As a Humorous Speaker and Communication Coach, The Second City-trained Julie Ostrow teaches and shows organizations how to use improv skills and humor to improve creativity, communication, and collaboration within their organizations and with their clients. Improv skills lay the foundation for effective communication and the ability to be truly present with whom we interact. Being truly present and really listening are key to connecting and communicating with team members and clients.


Julie believes that we can become better listeners if we apply the rules of improvisation in our conversations and interactions. As a result, we will become better communicators. After all, listening is a valuable component of communication.


All content is created, delivered, and facilitated by Julie Ostrow. Each presentation is interactive and no two presentations are exactly alike.

Event Details

Nakoma Golf Club
4145 Country Club Road, Madison, Wisconsin 53711
AFP Greater Madison Chapter Admin: Chassidy Camp

Nakoma Golf Club

Nakoma Golf Club

4145 Country Club Road
Madison, WI 53711
United States