Dealing with Uncomfortable Situations with Your Donors

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Oftentimes, you are one-on-one with a donor who can make awkward or uncomfortable comments, whether it is about your appearance, your heritage or something that is happening politically. This is a topic that continues to come up. As fundraisers, we need to discuss these topics to help one another and make progress in a work environment that can sometimes be tricky to navigate. We are here to create a space to have conversations about these situations and inappropriate behavior that may occur.

This event will be held in-person at UW Madison South Partnership in Room #104 and Room #108. Coffee and refreshments will be served. Parking is available in the public lot in front of the building. Bus lines also run along Park Street and the South Transfer Point is within two blocks of the location.

Personal Experiences

If you have been or are in a situation that you would like to discuss at the meeting, you may share your situation anonymously ahead of the meeting to our Chapter Director. The situations will be compiled and presented for discussion and advise from your peers. If you are comfortable sharing your situation at the event, please let us know and we will give you space to ask/share live in the meeting.


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UW South Madison Partnership
2238 South Park St, Madison, Wisconsin 53713
Jen Davie
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UW South Madison Partnership

UW South Madison Partnership

2238 South Park St
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