The ‘Invaluable’ value of becoming a CFRE

Class is in session! In preparation for the CFRE refresher course this July with Immediate Past President of AFP Greater Madison, Jen Davie, we wanted to give you a quick refresher ourselves! We start out with some basics and then sit down with Lori Werbeckes, Fund Development Director at the Wisconsin Council of the Blind & Visually Impaired, to give you her five benefits of becoming a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE).

What is the CFRE (Certified Fund Raising Executive)?
-Two-part process: application and then multiple choice test
-Meet application requirements through professional practice, education and performance
-Then pass multiple choice test to earn the development profession’s highest certification

AFP Greater Madison is very generous when it comes to helping out with the CFRE, plus there is a lot of support throughout the membership as well. That includes our Lori Werbeckes, who gave us her Top 5 benefits of becoming a CFRE!

Lori’s Top 5 Benefits of a CFRE

1.  Personal and professional development
“It helps you grow your all-around skill set. That breadth of knowledge of the development profession is important, even if you specialize in a certain area like a grant writer or major gifts officer.”

2.   Shows commitment
“While it isn’t required to work in the development profession, it shows you are dedicated to the field after taking the time to learn and apply your knowledge in all aspects of development. That goes a long way within a development office and with your higher ups!"

3. This is real life! 
“As you’re going through the process, a lot of real life scenarios pop up. It’s not just a test, but a hands-on process where you are constantly learning along the way and relating it to your past and current experience!”

4. Incredibly credible    
“It boosts your credibility! Lets your supervisor/superiors know that you have learned and obtained the highest standard in the development profession. You know what you’re talking about and are up to date with the latest facts and best practices.”

5. Reach your potential!
“The process of the CFRE helps you identify weaknesses and strengths. It gives you the resources to reach your potential and become an invaluable piece of any development team.”

The 2020 CFRE Refresher will be held on July 15-16 here in Madison, WI.  Stay tuned for more registration details.