How Spooky is Your Office?


It is October - the spookiest season of them all! And so, the AFP Communications team decided to have a little fun. 

Welcome - to the AFP haunted house!!

In a small beige room with paint bulging from the years of water slowly dripping through the ceiling that no grant funding will ever pay to fix sits THE DEVELOPMENT STAFF. 

Pouring over grant reports late into the night, their bloodshot eyes stare back at you from sunken lids. The report will forever be five words over the limit. 

A phone sits on the desk next to them, forever ringing to call and thank the donor whose voicemail has not been set up yet. The donor never answers and is never heard from again. 

Against the wall, a file cabinet bulges with mummified paperwork from decades past. The cabinet leans against boxes of records and a bin of t-shirts with outdated logos from the event that ended nine years ago!

Sticky webs of postage stamps and name tag tape hang from the corners. A gelatinous ooze drips between the grate in the staff mini fridge. The clock is always four minutes too fast or six minutes too slow. 

A splatter of blood from years of paper cuts stands out against the wall. The ghost of the appeal now wails through cyberspace and into the overcrowded email inboxes where donor surveys lie buried.

You shut the door as a faint shiver rolls up your spine - a ghostly voice whispers “until next year, until next time…”