Fundraising Day Wisconsin Preview: Creating Stories that Inspire Your Stakeholders

John TrybusProfessor John D. Trybus, Georgetown University's Center for Social Impact Communication 

Stories are the currency of life and an important way in which we connect as human beings. As social impact leaders we must think about how we can leverage the art and science of storytelling as a key strategy for the organizations we love to emotionally connect with donors and other target stakeholders to inspire them to act. Creating stories that resonate and break through the clutter in this age of information-overload is not easy!

I'm excited to share my research for how to create stories with purpose – and new research I'm conducting about what the future of social impact storytelling will look like – at the Fundraising Day Wisconsin Conference in August. From virtual reality to citizen storytelling programs, the future of storytelling will bring exciting opportunities to drive action in new ways.

Don’t miss John Trybus when we bring him and an All-Star lineup of nationally known fundraisers to your backyard on August 17 for Fundraising Day Wisconsin!