The Best Parts About AFP Membership

Do you take advantage of all your AFP membership benefits? With access to so many perks, you might be wondering which ones are the most valuable to you. That’s exactly what we asked our very own AFP Membership Committee members. Here’s what they had to say!   


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Sarah Linn, Dane County Humane Society
My AFP membership has introduced me to so many wonderful people in the area. This network has provided job recommendations, professional advice, good laughs, and moral support. I’m so appreciative of the networking side of our chapter! If you want to make the most of your membership, I would recommend just getting out there. Join a committee, attend the smaller AFP events, introduce yourself and ask lots of questions. Meeting people at Roundtable Discussions or Happy Hours, working alongside them at committee meetings, talking through solutions to a tough situation you’re facing — all of this has helped me learn and build strong relationships with so many great people. I’ve never had an AFP member turn me down when I asked them to coffee. Go for it!


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Jake Immel, Olbrich Botanical Gardens

With nearly 10 years of membership with AFP Greater Madison, from all of the programs I have attended and been involved with, I have found the people to be the most rewarding part of my membership and overall experience. In a profession that I define as encompassing the truest forms of gratitude, partnerships, and empathy, I have been welcomed to grow and bring my authentic self to the profession. I am encouraged to continue seeing how we can increase that capacity and opportunity, making our community of AFP Greater Madison more accessible and welcoming. That is also why I choose to volunteer with the Membership Committee! 


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I’m not a fundraiser myself, but I am lucky to work with many. My AFP membership allows me to learn what fundraisers experience in their role… it’s a hard job. I appreciate the programs and always walk away feeling inspired and motivated. The best part of the membership is the networking. I’ve met wonderful people that I now consider friends.    




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Halley Pucker, Wisconsin Historical Society 

AFP Membership has allowed me to meet other wonderful fundraising professionals, who are not only excellent resources for bouncing ideas off of, but who are true friends and supporters that understand the nonprofit world in a way no one else does. The organization also constantly reassures that I and my place of work are implementing best practices, which makes me that much prouder of the work I do.  




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Description automatically generatedTracy Phillippi, Madison Public Library Foundation

Echoing my pals on the Membership Committee, the most rewarding part of being an AFP member are the friendships I've forged in this community of people dedicated to making our community a better place. I'm also a relative newcomer to the development-world and have been soaking up AFP's many educational opportunities like a sponge. 




Psst! If you're looking for a committee to join, the Membership Committee would love to have you! Our main focus for 2020 is to make AFP a more inclusive place for diverse voices. Join us! Contact AFP Membership Co-Chair Tracy Phillippi at today.