Are you informed on Informed Delivery?

In 2017, USPS launched "Informed Delivery® ", a notification service that provides eligible residential consumers with a digital preview of their household’s mail each day.  If you have not signed up, go to After signing up, you’ll receive access to your personal dashboard (to view your mail) and can sign-up to receive daily email notifications with pictures of the mail pieces that are coming to your mailbox on that day. Even if you think you don’t care what is in your mailbox, sign up so you can experience the service firsthand. Because…

As an organization/business, any time you send more than 100 pieces of mail for a campaign, you have the opportunity to turn that mailing into an interactive campaign through Informed Delivery®.

Preparing for your year-end appeal? This is a perfect way to simultaneously enter your mail piece in the digital world and the physical world.  When the recipient receives their email, with their physical mail images, you can include a full color ad next to your mail piece.  If recipient clicks on your ad they will be directed to your website and/or donation page. 


To create an Informed Delivery® campaign you need the following:

•             Mailpieces must be automation compatible

•             Mailpieces must contain a valid IMb®

•             Mailer or MSP must be IMb certified


Any IMb certified mailhouse can assist you in setting up your next (or first) Informed Delivery® campaign. Currently, using a Representative Image and Supplemental Content (a clickable “Ride-along” image and a URL) are free! Informed Delivery® gives you another way to integrate direct mail with digital marketing.