Engagement Manager - $75,000/year

By: Worldwide Foundation for Credit Unions

Job Summary:


The Worldwide Foundation (WFCU) partners with the World Council (WOCCU) to realize the vision of expanding financial inclusion worldwide through a vibrant and growing global credit union movement. WFCU supports this vision by serving as the international bridge between the U.S. credit union system and their international peers.



Peer engagement to learn, network, and share best practices among credit union partners is a key value proposition of WOCCU. Via the Global Bridges program, the engagement manager is the nexus role between WOCCU and WFCU to help design and deliver an exceptional engagement experience to diverse audiences across the international credit union community. This role would share a % of accountability for the Global Bridges FY23 revenue target of $445,000.

To learn more about the nuances of this role and to apply, visit: www.woccu.org/about/careers

How to Apply:

For all inquiries and applications to this role, please visit: www.woccu.org/about/careers