Director of Development

By: Urban Triage

Job Summary:

The Director of Development for Urban Triage will report to and in partnership with the CEO, spearhead development efforts to support Urban Triage's rapid growth. As a new position in the organization, the Director will have the opportunity to build the development function(s).

General Functions (See job description for details):

• Develop and execute an annual fundraising plan

• Secure financial support from individuals, foundations, and corporations

• Manage the implementation of Kindful database and oversee staff responsible for data entry and gift processing

• Develop and maintain ongoing relationships with major donors

• Create and execute a strategy for a large, sustained base of annual individual donors

• Oversee organization of special events

• Develop and track proposals and reports for all foundation and corporate fundraising

How to Apply:

Urban Triage, Inc. is on a mission to empower Black families while mobilizing community resources and distributing them to those most in need. At the same time, we engage systems in implementing systematic, sustainable, equitable, and clinically sound approaches to health behavior and prevention. We are poised to do this through education, community support services, and advocacy that systematically reduces and eventually works to eliminate barriers such as inadequate education, lack of access to resources, and class and health disparities. Our goal is to promote positive health outcomes and reduce significant health disparities at the community level. We do this by meeting basic needs and then engaging communities through educational opportunities and effective advocacy at multiple levels. We stand in the gap for those most in need through advocacy, transformative education, and critical coordinated services between partner organizations, city officials, and community resources. Most critically, with the community's trust and track record to carry out the work.

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